Getting Rid of Old Auto Parts

Recycle Your Old Auto Parts

If you have auto parts stored in your basement, or somewhere in your garage, you may want to know that there are several ways, some a little more creative than others, to get rid of them…how about recycling them. All it takes is knowing where to recycle them. We do live in a era where recycling is a way of life, so why not use it to clear your place of all those old auto parts. If you don’t know how to recycle your old auto parts here are some ideas for you.

Contact Your City Yard

Most of us already have a recycling garbage pick up but they probably will not take your old auto parts. If you want to try you can put the old parts out at your curb with the rest of your recyclables on your recycle pick up day. If they leave them, then you know it is not the proper method of disposing of old auto parts. You may have to actually drive the auto parts down to the recycling center, but call first to make sure you are able to do that. You may have to make an appointment, or the city recycling center may not be the right place to drop off your old part.

Contact a Junk Yard

Depending on what auto parts you have your local junk yard may pick them up from your home. Sometimes a junk dealer will even pay you for what ever it is your giving him. The junk yard will determine if the parts can be recycled and if so they will resell them. If the parts are just garbage the junk yard will know how to properly dispose of them.

Use An Online Auction

The next idea that comes to mind for getting rid of your old auto parts is to sell it on eBay. You can try to make some money from them. Just remember to describe each auto part and put a picture of it on the eBay site so people will know exactly what they are getting. It makes the transaction much smoother when you are honest with your bidders. They may not care that the parts are old, in fact, they may want them for exactly that reason.

Create Something From Your Junk

This last idea is not for everyone, but some people enjoy turning their old auto parts into a piece of art. We all have seen the person who thinks old toilets make great planters, so why not auto parts? You can try to build an art form and enjoy it as a yard sculpture. You could try to sell the sculpture on eBay. I have seen them sell toast on there, why not your sculpture. They buy just about anything on there. After all one man’s junk is another man’s treasure. You never know, you could end up making some money off your old auto parts.

Any way you decide to get rid of your old auto parts you will be creating a win-win situation for yourself. You will get your storage areas cleaned up, get rid of old auto parts and maybe make a few dollars in the bargain.

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